Survival and Killing Tips for Evil Dead: The Game Coming Tomorrow

Evil Dead: The Game offers delightfully gruesome violence and over-the-top moments that turn time into a hell of a lot of fun, but it’s not all screaming and vacuity: the game has many layers and strategies to keep in mind. Whether you’re playing as the heroic Ash Williams and his friends, or as the vile and powerful Kandarian demon, we’ve put together our top tips to make sure you get a helping hand (severed).

Top tips for survivors:

Winning Survivors requires cunning strategy, synergistic teamwork, and always being on the lookout. You have to keep your cool and watch the prize of the Necronomicon while your teammates are possessed, the dead are spewing projectiles at you, the trees are swaying at you, and more. Here are some tips for success:

Play as a team: A team of four survivors gathered together is much stronger than any player who left alone. They can also distribute the loot they find among themselves. They are also less likely to be afraid, and this will help reduce your fear levels!

Don’t forget to use the ping system to mark targets, items, and locations for your teammates! Whether you use voice chat or play without it, communication through the ping system is the key to success.

Choose battles carefully: If you are together, you can go all-in against the undead and bosses and get a chance to defeat them. But if you’re alone and the team has split up, it might be better to run away and live to see the fight another day.

Stealth is your friend: The Kandarian Demon can see you when your fear level is high, when you get into a car, and when you shoot. By preventing the demon from being found quickly, you will be able to advance early in the game without major problems.

  • A high level of fear allows the Demon to see Survivors on the minimap. This means that he can get close to you and start a carnage.
  • The high level of fear also allows the Demon to possess Survivors, control them, and turn them against each other.
  • Find light sources such as lamps or campfires and light them up to reduce your fear.

Councils of the Kandarian Demon

Playing as a Kandarian Demon can be a lot of fun. You are a disembodied evil being capable of spawning the dead, frightening and possessing the survivors, setting traps and performing many other diabolical deeds. But it will take time and talent to constantly win as a Demon. Here are some key tips to help you get on the path of demonic domination:

Explore the map: Knowing the key points of the map makes it easier and faster to find Survivors.

  • The map of Cleaver County is huge. Focus on key points to find survivors. The center of the map, called the Dead End, is a great place to start.

Divide the group: The only survivor dies easily. Scare them and bring them closer to your traps.

  • Angry Trees are a great way to slow down one of the Survivors and separate them from the group. Set traps or capture survivors by timing your attack correctly to create distance between them.

Disturb them, scare them, kill them: The power of the Kandarian Demon increases faster when it is used against Survivors. Trick the survivors into activating your traps, attack them and take them over. All this will make you stronger and stronger.

  • Warlord is a fairly balanced Demon. Both the possession of the dead and the placement of traps will do the trick. Use all the resources at your disposal to keep the Survivors on their toes.
  • Puppeteer is based on obsession. Finding survivors should be your #1 priority. Using the dead already on the map and chasing the survivors is the key to destroying them.
  • The necromancer bases his strength on quantity. Placing traps in target areas will give you an advantage in upcoming fights. Don’t forget to place the flutist correctly! Ideally, placing him in a hidden or obscure location so survivors can’t easily identify and defeat him, but close enough that he can buff your evil units is key.

We can’t wait to get your hands on Evil Dead: The Game when it launches Friday, May 13th on PS5 and PS4. We’re confident that new strategies and metadata will be revealed by the community, and we’re looking forward to developing the game together, including some big plans for free downloadable content. There is only one thing left to do: as Ash Williams would say, “Come for the food!”

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