Surprise! Nintendo has released a demo version of Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

Following Metroid dread demo late last month, Nintendo released another one – this time for its upcoming game. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

If it looks or sounds familiar, it’s because it was originally released in the Nintendo DS era back in 2005/06. The new version will go on sale on December 3rd and will retail for $ 29.99 or the equivalent in your area. It also supports multiplayer and touchscreen.

Here’s a little more about it, courtesy of the game’s official page:

Take on a series of mind-blowing assignments that will test your mental toughness Big Brain Academy ™: brain versus brain for the Nintendo Switch ™ system! Play a wide variety of activities, such as memorizing a series of numbers, identifying an animal as it slowly focuses, or helping to steer a train towards its destination in fun and fast action. Compete with friends and family in 4 player matches * to see who scores the most. Everyone can play together at different difficulty levels, so a child can stand against an adult in this battle of wits!

Get your own Big Brain Brawn score with a fun quiz. Improve your skills and speed by completing specific actions. Of course, you can also prepare for the next multiplayer smart battle or compare the results with your friends and family. Unlock dozens of outfits for your in-game avatar – from a cat costume to a corn costume!

Want to see how you match up with intellectuals from all over the world? Switch to Ghost Clash mode to compete with other users **. Choose from wonders from all over the world, people from your friends list or family members who have profiles in the same system. Apart from the Ghost Clash mode, check your rating to see how your Big Brain Brawn compares to others.

Will you be checking out this demo before the big release early next month? Comment below.

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