Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania Director Says He Wants To Make A New Game In The Series

After a bit of a lull during the 2010s, Super Monkey Ball is finally back in the spotlight. With the launch of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD on Switch in 2019, followed by the appearance of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania last month, the remakes prove there is still interest in the franchise. But what next?

Well, speaking in a recent issue of Retro Gamer (Issue 225), Banana Mania Director Masao Shirosaki expressed interest in creating a completely new game. Ideas for a potential new game are already taking shape, and Shirosaki believes that a new game could very well become a reality if enough fans are ready and waiting to try it out.

Here’s what he said gratefully Nintendo all:

“Since this game and the last one are remakes, I really feel like I want to create a new Super Monkey Ball game. I have ideas what it might look like. I’m looking forward to seeing Super Monkey Ball grow. I can’t do it alone, so I would like everyone to enjoy Banana Mania first, and if there are enough voices eagerly awaiting the next title, it could become a reality. “

Previously, Shirosaki officially stated that he would like you to be able to “travel the world with AiAi” in the upcoming Monkey Ball game. Could these ideas be an extension of this? And what will that mean for any potential new entry on the show?

“I follow the reactions of everyone on social media, and in whatever language they are, I always translate and read them,” says Shirosaki. “I would be overjoyed if we could together create the future of the new Super Monkey Ball.”

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