Super hit!! Hidden two-player mode discovered 28 years later

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Super Punch-Out!!, released by Super Nintendo in 1994, made a historic discovery. Today.

Twitter account known as “Cheats not listed‘ discovered a two-player hidden mode in the game. To access this option, on the game’s start screen, you will need to hold down the “Y” and “R” buttons on the second player’s controller, and then press “Start” or the “A” button on the first player’s controller.

You then select a boxer for the second player, and the second player holds the “B” and “Y” buttons on their controller until the match starts.

What’s also interesting is that it’s all on the cartridge, which means it doesn’t require any special hardware, accessories or hacks to access it. So you can check it out for yourself if you have a copy of the original game. Otherwise, you can test it in the Switch Online service or in Another ways.

Nintendo Life has tested this mode on the Switch Online version of the game and can confirm that it works.

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