Suggestions: Grab a free 128GB Micro SD card with this OLED Switch Labor Day Deal (North America)

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The Labor Day Sale is currently underway in North America, offering some in-game deals in North America. One deal that really caught our attention (thank you, GamesRadar) is to expand the Switch OLED’s memory capabilities, as Walmart currently sells the console and a 128GB memory card for the same price as the system itself.

The kit is currently assembled for $349.99, which gives you a Switch OLED and an extra memory card. You’ll have to shell out $34.99 if you want to buy just the Micro SD card, which is a nice little savings.

Storage has long been one of the biggest criticisms of the Switch, with many of us looking for extra storage as one of our first accessories after buying a console. Since onboard storage is only 64GB on the OLED (and half that on other Switch models), the extra 128GB is unnecessary.

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The card included in this offer is a 128GB SanDisk Micro SD card built specifically for the Switch, so not only will you get one of the best memory cards on the market according to our list of the best Micro SD Switch cards, but yours will also be decorated with a cute little picture of a mushroom from above. Yes, we are all about the details.

As part of Walmart’s Labor Day (yes, today we crossed all of America with our spelling, mainly because Labor, work UK Day in May) sale, this deal is exclusive to North America – sorry, for the rest of the world, the company does not currently offer international shipping and the paid forwarding company is only going to raise the price to the past beam point. Also (as suggested by the Labor Day Sales panel) we’re guessing this deal won’t last, so if you’re tempted by the Switch OLED’s superior picture quality but worried about storage space, this offer should keep you going, by at least for a while.

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