Street Fighter 6 character creator lets you dive into the madness

Screenshot from Street Fighter 6 character creator with YouTuber Arekkz Gaming illustrating how absurd this can be.

Street Fighter 6Closed Beta testing kicked off today, giving people the chance to test out various aspects of the upcoming fighter all weekend long. This includes traditional gameplay elements such as online matches and a training mode, as well as new additions to the series including character creation. And my god, the fights that people have created and posted online are completely insane, some kind of nightmarish fuel that is absolutely right for a B-level sci-fi horror movie or something. In short, with the absurd possibilities of customizing your avatar, Street Fighter 6 maybe restrained horror. This is great! It’s almost Halloween and Kotaku could always use more front page fears.

Since this is a closed beta, not everyone has been granted access. If you were one of the lucky few chosen after registering for Street Fighter 6official website until September 30th, you’re probably messing around with the character creator right now. I haven’t had a chance to tinker with the customization tools yet, despite being invited to the closed beta. However, there are plenty of videos on YouTube showcasing the wide range of options available to you. No bullshit, it’s stunning. There are sliders for just about everything! Height, weight, bone, hair color, whatever. You can even change the look of your butt. The setting goes deep. And with this created character, you can go to a full-fledged game world and story mode. You can also dress up your avatar in some flashy outfits by using coins and tickets to buy clothes.


But of course, with more customization comes a lot of creativity, and some Street Fighter 6 the players have taken it to its logical conclusion. On the Internet, people post their monstrous creations on the front page. Some look like Neanderthals, with short limbs and hairy chests. Others remind One piece imitators as well as Space Jam Rejects. Mixed grotesque creatures beyond description, legs thicker than fat and arms thinner than twigs. I mean look at these things. They are anxious!

These creations are the subject of nightmares. These are distorted figures created in the minds of some screwed up gamers. And I just love them, even if they’re all frighteningly awful. However, in the closed beta of the game, you can only create one avatar, so be careful if you play.

Street Fighter 6 it doesn’t have a release date right now, instead aiming for a blurry “2023” launch window for most major platforms (sorry, Nintendo Switch users. R.I.P. stadium.) But since the closed beta runs until October 10, you can expect to see a bunch of Street Fighter 6 content online in the coming days.

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