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There are only a few months left until the release of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on March 18th.

In preparation, Square Enix has just unveiled the game’s final trailer, which includes a ton of new information about the story, characters, and more!

Watch the new trailer here:

We’ve also received some additional information about the game, with a deeper look into some of the monsters Jack and his comrades will face, the areas they’ll explore, and some of the different fighting styles you’ll use. let them master their urge to conquer the darkness.

You may have noticed some of the incredible monsters that Jack and his team faced in the trailer, here’s a closer look at some of the truly terrifying Fiends in the game.


“You dare brandish your blade in front of the Kraken!? You forget your place!”

The Water Demon, the Kraken attacks furiously with long tentacles and fast attacks. He uses abilities that steal buffs and water-elemental attacks that use the environment.


“Stupid dream. As much as you want it, this season will never come.”

Villain of the Earth. Master of spells and attacks that inflict status ailments. This is a cunning opponent who can cast a Curse that depletes the upper limit of the gap bar or summon skeletons.

Work system

The new trailer doesn’t hold back on showing off the visceral combat we can expect from Final Fantasy Origin’s Stranger of Paradise.

The game’s mission system allows users to switch their fighting style, seamlessly transitioning from hand-to-hand combat to spells or sword-swinging and more. Leveling up these professions will allow users to unlock more advanced professions with even more distinctive fighting styles and even the ability to dual-wield. We have more details on the three advanced professions: Red Mage, Berserker and Samurai.

Red Mages can wield both black and white magic, allowing them to attack enemies and support teammates. The red mage’s unique chain spell allows them to cast spells in very quick succession.

The Berserker has a variety of incredibly powerful attacks, allowing you to use axes and two-handed swords for a direct approach.

Samurai is able to recover MP, which allows you to recover precious points by attacking enemies.


In search of victory over darkness, a variety of locations await you. Here we will look at two recently opened locations.

Could this mysterious light be the life force of the planet that the object is extracting? This highly secure structure at the bottom of the ocean is fully controlled by machines and filled with the energy of water.

An underground cave filled with the energy of the earth. All kinds of traps prevent those who want to enter. Dotted with the dead, it resembles a huge tomb. What could be slumbering in the very depths of the cave, deep underground…?

There’s a lot more to discover and unpack in the new trailer and screenshots, which will hopefully whet your appetite for the upcoming release. Stranger from Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is available for pre-order now on PS5 and PS4.

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