Steve and Alex will make new friends in the next big Minecraft update

Minecraft will release a new update in 2023, currently known as “update 1.20”. This update is still a work in progress and Mojang says the community will be involved in the naming process and more. Here is a summary of what was showcased in this Minecraft Live 2022 segment:

New game avatars

Steve and Alex will be joined by brand new characters, check it out:

New Item: Hanging Sign

mine craft

New Wood Set: Bamboo

In addition to the new Bamboo Wood Block Set, players will also be able to use the wood to craft a Bamboo Raft.

mine craft

New Block: Turned Bookshelf

mine craft

New mob: Camel

“Road trip! This tall mountable mob has room for you and your friend. Camels are found in desert villages, but finding a friend is up to you!”

mine craft

The 1.20 beta/snapshot/preview update will be available to Minecraft users in just a few days, with the full update coming in 2023.

What are your first impressions of the next big update for Minecraft? Leave a comment below.

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