Step aside, Switch Pro – Orion’s Boost Switch wants to turn your Switch into a portable TV

The arrival of the Switch OLED model has given us a slight increase in screen size, which is useful both for screen quality and for making it easier to view text in games / UI. However, we stumbled upon an unusual product that takes it to the next level and then another … Switch Pro, anyone?

The video above is a pitch video from August, although Indiegogo Campaign was launched just last week and has attracted around 60 supporters. It also appears in retail stores such as GameStop shipments are expected in early December, although it’s actually cheaper on the Indiegogo page.

So what is it and why a few hundred dollars? Basically, it’s an 11.6-inch 1080p monitor that has its own large battery, speakers, and even a stand. While it can be used with other devices via inputs, its main function is a switch with Joy-Con rails and an integrated docking station. This effectively ensures the high performance of a docked switch on the go.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch®, more than 80 million gamers worldwide have made on-the-go gaming an essential part of their daily ritual. Unfortunately, many of these players also find this handheld gameplay a little underwhelming due to the tiny size of the current Nintendo Switch® screen. That’s why the Up-Switch team created the all-new ORION ™ for gamers looking for more and more immersive gaming experiences without sacrificing portability. By increasing the actual size of the game screen by 188% and improving the sound quality with the built-in stereo speakers, your Nintendo Switch® works with ORION to provide the gaming experience every gamer deserves!

it interesting take to promote this as a great portable / mobile option as it’s pretty hefty. However, aside from our mistrust and jokes, such things can be really useful for short-sighted players.

In any case, it is a beast; something tells us that the next iteration of the Nintendo Switch won’t be all that big.

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