SteamWorld Series Creator Admits 3DS Online Store Closing Is A Little ‘Upsetting’

It seems that the closure of the Nintendo eShop 3DS has also upset game developers and publishers.

Talking with ‘Keith and KristaRecently, SteamWorld series creator and Thunderful Group co-founder Briann Sigurgeirsson admitted that he is sad to see 3DS owners lose access to the original 2010 DSiWare game SteamWorld: Tower Defense.

A Nintendo Switch version and “something like that” was considered, but unfortunately his team doesn’t have time to work on so many other projects right now.

Brian Sigurgeirsson: “Should we take the game and port it, like make a Switch version or something… [unfortunately] we just don’t have time to make a Switch version of Tower Defense and that makes me a little sad because it means it will go from being a game that very few download right now to a game that no one can download. “

While we probably shouldn’t expect a port of this DSiWare exclusive anytime soon, Briann says he’d still like to see it happen one day:

“One day it would just be fun to port it to a future platform…”

While Nintendo has officially closed the ability to purchase games from the 3DS eShop, it has reopened code redemption. This will last until April, so if you have spare codes, be sure to use them while you can.

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