Steam Closes Game After Deva’s Transphobic Speech Against Keffals

Gladiators fight each other and the lion in Domino.

Screenshot: Dolphin Barn Inc.

Well, well, well. Unless it’s the consequences of the asshole’s own actions. August 31 gladiatorial game developer domina posted a patch notes that transphobic screed included attacks trans streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti. Last night, some Twitter users discovered that domina was removed from cook for a couple, with a notice that this action was taken “at the request of the publisher”. However, the developer has confirmed that Valve has decided to remove the developer from their platform.

Keffals is a popular trans streamer. who got slapped On August 5, members of Kiwi Farms, an alt-right forum that cultivates hate speech and violent attacks against transgender people (some victims of Kiwi Farms bullying campaigns have committed suicide). She was forced to flee Canada for her own safety and began campaigning for website security company Cloudflare. terminate Kiwi Farms services. #DropKiwifarms became popular on Twitter as members of the trans community shared their experiences of being harassed, doxed and spanked by users of the site.

in latest patch notes per domina, the developer posted rants against Keffals and the trans community. Most of the message has nothing to do with game patches and contains transphobic insults. While general reviews of the game are “mostly positive”, the most recent reviews tend to be “mostly negative”. A lot of belonging reviews specifically call developer for transphobic beliefs.

Removal notice on the Domina page in the Steam store.

Screenshot: Kotaku

dominaThe Steam page is still available if you go to direct link, but users can no longer buy the game or find it through the search bar. Dolphin Barn Incorporated also no longer has a developer profile. On a right-wing social media platform gab (warning about transphobic and homophobic slurs), domina Developer Nicholas J. Leonhard Gorissen clarified that Steam “cancelled” Dolphin Barn Incorporated. “Gabe Newell doesn’t seem to care that I’ve made millions in revenue when his moderation team and VPs end up costing him millions on the payroll.” He published. Kotaku contacted Dolphin Barn Incorporated but received no response as of press time.

Gorissen also included a screenshot of his developer account. At the top dominaThe talk page has an official message from Steam Support. “A recent ad posted on the Domina Community Center contains insults directed at another person,” the ban message reads, noting that the developer has been warned in the past for violating the rules. “We are terminating our business relationship with Dolphin Barn Incorporated and are withdrawing all related products from sale.” Kotaku contacted Valve, but received no response at the time of publication.

Before this total ban Valve banned Gorissen dominaX own Steam Forums more “offensive” Comments.

Anyway, big W for Steam today.

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