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  • songpop party is a music party quiz for up to eight players locally or online.
  • All the latest hits of today, old hits from before the 1950s and everything in between
  • Choose your favorite music genre and decade

What’s a party without music?

For the last ten years we have been working on SongPop, the multiplayer music quiz that has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. Every day, thousands of tasks are sent back and forth to guess the song. Players communicate through nostalgic playlists or enjoy the latest hits. We have so much music to share that there is something for everyone. And for the last couple of years, that’s exactly what we’ve been working on: a party game where you can guess the song with up to eight people!

songpop party this is a premium game from our collection. We created this game using a decade of experience and our award-winning gameplay formula. We want friends and family to be able to play together no matter where they are.

Play locally on your couch (our favorite), play online, or a combination of both: anyone can join.

There is music for everyone songpop party. From all the latest hits of today, old hits from before the 1950s and everything in between. Each of the playlists we offer is carefully selected by our team of music curators. Choose from major music genres, movie soundtracks, old classics, current chart leaders and more.

multiple characters

Feeling indecisive? We have created a button to select a completely random playlist for you. Alternatively, my favorite strategy is to choose the decade in which you went to high school. Give it a try and tell us how it was on Discord!

With hundreds of thousands of songs to choose from, we also create smart playlists for special events throughout the year. Among them are popular music festivals, family reunions and seasonal celebrations.

character screenshot

Keep the party going and earn keys to unlock characters and more music. We put a lot of love into the diverse cast of characters. Each of them has its own personality and taste in music, just like the playlists themselves.

I feel so lucky to be part of an amazing team of talented players who are releasing the world’s biggest music quiz game on Xbox this year. We’re glad you enjoy it as much as we do!

Xbox Live

songpop party



SongPop Party is the latest addition to the largest music quiz franchise in the world. With a huge catalog from cult classics to contemporary hits, you can unlock hundreds of thousands of carefully curated songs grouped by genre, artist, decade, theme, and more. Play with up to 4 family members on your couch, or with up to 8 friends online for an unforgettable music party. quizzes! Test your knowledge against opponents online with music lovers from all over the world. Based on your skill level and musical tastes, unlock new playlists and train to become the best. SongPop Party has music for all generations, whether it’s music from the past or today’s greatest hits. From oldies to yesterday, everyone can play! Find your favorite avatar to match your musical personality, whether you’re a pop music fan, an EDM fan, or a metalhead. Not sing-alongs… or not? You know it will happen; you can’t help yourself! Dive into the world of music quiz with SongPop Party and become the best music quiz master! _____________________________________________ Don’t forget to follow us on social media: Terms of use: Privacy policy: privacy-policy End User License Agreement:

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