Stardew Valley Creator Reveals His Next Game, Haunted Chocolatier

Eric “ConceredApe” Barone is the creator of the wildly popular farming and lifestyle simulator, Stardew valley – just opened the lid of my new game, Ghostly chocolatier – more formally known as “ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier.”

Having dedicated 10 years of his life to Stardew Valley “and counting”, Barone decided it was time to show the world his new game. So what’s with the chocolate theme? It’s just his idea, and a lot of people love chocolate.

Go beyond the ordinary with this magical haunted chocolate:

“At Stardew Valley, the focus was more modest: living off the land, growing food, and connecting with the people and nature around you. However, in my next game, I wanted to explore more fantastic possibilities … experiences that will take you beyond the Common. This is where the magical haunted chocolate comes in.

“Chocolate is delicious. The haunted castle embodies the charm of the unknown. Ghosts represent the imprint of the past. All of these things are important. However, don’t think about it for a minute, because there are ghosts in this game. in a haunted castle is a wicked or negative game. On the contrary, I want this game to be positive, uplifting and life-affirming. However, if Stardew Valley mainly directed the energy of the sun, Ghostly chocolatier directs the energy of the moon. Both are vital. “

More than anything, ConcernedApe just wants it to be a “fun” new game. As far as what kind of game it is, here’s the Baron’s best attempt at describing:

“As I develop it, it evolves organically, so I’m not sure where it will go. But at its core, the gameplay loop includes gathering ingredients, making chocolate, and running a chocolate shop. Of course, there is much more to games than that, but I don’t want to get too deep into it at this early stage, in part because I don’t want to be tied to any particular game concept. “

It will also allow Barona to free up a part of himself that he was unable to implement within the constraints of Stardew Valley:

“I think this will be a good opportunity, but I haven’t even gotten to the good things yet. So far I have been mainly working on the meat and potatoes of the game. But what really brings the game to life is the spice, the sauce. And I haven’t gotten to the sauce yet.

Although the game is going well, there is still a lot of work to be done:

“In any case, these are all mostly conversations. While the video I’ve put together may look like the game is in an advanced stage of development, there are still many things to do. Not getting together until the last moments. I usually use a “vertical slice” approach, so it’s easy to put together a video that looks like a finished game. But there is a ton of content I still need to do. So please understand that it will take some time before this game is ready. However, I will work on it as best I can. “

For now, the only platform Barone is 100% confident on is PC. However, it still has “every intention” to port it to other major platforms as well.

V FAQ on the official website of the game, the creator also answered several other questions – the game is currently only for one player and has been in development for just over a year.

And while it may look and run like Stardew, it actually runs on a new engine. If we hear any other updates about this upcoming title or transition announcement, we will be sure to let you know.

What are your first impressions of ConcernedApe’s Haunted Chocolatier? What does it look like? Leave your thoughts at the bottom.

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