Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is Getting A Patch To Fix That Giant Bloody Text Box

All good news! Sometimes it’s good to complain about things. (Sometimes, we said. Most of the time it’s just stress and/or annoyance.)

But the people who complained about the size of one particular text field in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic succeeded in their mission of making it perhaps a smaller text field. Hooray!

Need context? We don’t blame you. The recent re-release of KOTOR on Nintendo Switch was an exciting time, but players were quick to notice that whenever you engage in battle, a huge text box appears on the screen:

Star Wars Kotor on Switch

“The text battlefield is intended behavior,” said developer Aspyr on Discord, “but we’re always happy to hear player feedback!” And they received feedback from the players, like people went to the r/KOTOR subreddit ask for at least the opportunity to make it smaller.

Aspyr is finally confirmed today that Big Box will be fixed “in the next few weeks” in an upcoming update that is currently under review. We don’t know if that means it will still be there, but less, or if we can turn it off entirely, but at least it will change in some way, rather than blocking nearly a third of the screen in handheld mode. We love happy endings.

Can you make a better pun than this slogan? Then go on. Prove it in the comments.


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