Square Enix’s upcoming release ‘The DioField Chronicle’ gets ESRB rating

Image: Square Enix

Earlier this March, Square Enix announced a new “deep strategy RPG” titled Chronicle of Diofield – created by a team of “veteran” strategy developers at Lancarse Ltd. Set in a world of honor and political intrigue, requiring players to guide units through multiple combat encounters using a “real-time tactical battle” system.

It’s due this year, and now in an update, this upcoming Switch release has been rated by the ESRB. The game is rated “T” for teens and contains gore, light suggestive themes, and violence. Here is the full description, which also sheds some light on what else to expect from this upcoming release:

“This is an RPG where players control mercenaries fighting rival factions in a fantasy world. From a top-down perspective, players engage in tactical battles against human soldiers and fantasy creatures (eg, giant wolves, dragons, undead). . Players select attack moves from a menu as their party members move across the battlefield; characters use weapons, swords, and magic spells/energy blasts to defeat enemies. Cutscenes depict other instances of violence and gore: characters being pierced by swords; soldiers fighting with swords/spears amid blood spatter; still images of characters lying in pools of blood. In one storyline, a villain kidnaps the village women, forcing them to work in a brothel.”

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