Square Enix Demonstrates Additional Triangle Strategy Features in Japanese Trailer

Just yesterday we saw the localized “Character Trailer #2” for Triangle Strategy, but now Square Enix has taken the lead with the next Benedict Pascal video. It is, of course, in Japanese, but nevertheless gives a different perspective on the characters, the setting, and the features of the game.

Some of you may remember Benedict Pascal from the demo, which itself played part of the story. As mentioned above, this video also shows the ability to switch or upgrade classes after reaching a certain level, which is a staple of the genre that will no doubt be important in this game. We also see a similar leveling tree for weapons, which again suggests this will be a title with a lot of depth.

We’ll no doubt get a fully localized version of this video in the coming weeks, but we couldn’t resist sharing this early look – come on now, what do you think!

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