Spyro the Dragon is the star of this new Half-Life PC mod

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Who needs Gordon Freeman he is the main character of the original Half life the game was released back in 1998? Dude is boring. It’s time to move on to someone new. Someone like Spyro, that purple dragon from Spyro the Dragon franchise. And fortunately, the new mod replaces the old Gordon with the (same old) Spyro, augmented by the movements and abilities of the dragon.

Half-life: Year of the Dragon this is a mod that has been in development for several yearswhose old demo was released back in 2018. Developed by Magic Nipples, the mod doesn’t just replace Gordon with Spyro, it changes the way you actually play. Half life. No more guns and grenades. Instead of, Half life is now a third-person platformer that forces Spyro to use his dash and flame abilities to make his way through the alien-infested corridors of Black Mesa.

Yesterday, magic nipples and his team has released a new trailer showing how much the mod has improved since the first demo in 2018. Spyro has a new and improved model, and the overall camera and look of the game have also improved. When I played the original demo in 2018, I was impressed with how good it was, so I’m happy to see how much it has improved since then.

The new demo is based on the same Half life the level of the original demo “Office complex”. According to the FAQ page on the official website, the mod is not planned to be completely redone Half life with Spyro, but instead create hubs like in the original game and pick about 10 or so Half life levels to be changed to work with non-human star mods.

The mod and its demos are built using Xash3D., not Source or original Half life engine. You can watch the old demo now through the official site of the mod if you don’t want to wait for a new demo coming out on January 21, 2022. (The creator clarified that the year at the end of the newest trailer is a mistake.)

As for when to expect a full release, it could be a few more years away as Magic Nipples offers a free “until 2024” release window. But when it comes out, the creator plans to include tons of Easter eggs and its own SDK, which will allow people to create new levels and maps.

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