Spiritfarer’s latest free update is also its biggest update

Spiritfarer, an adorable and cozy game about the crossing of spirits into the afterlife, is getting its last update this month – and it will be the biggest. According to creative director Nicolas Guerin, the team “left the best for last,” describing the update as “a wonderful curtain for Spiritfarer and a huge thank you to the fans.”

The Jackie and Daria update will be the last free content update for the game, featuring a new island to explore, two new spirits, a new event, and more to discover as you play.

Apparently, Jackie is a bat, and Daria is a hyena, and both will need your help and friendship in order to live peacefully on. Jackie is also Daria’s caretaker, and they both live (or … after death?) In a dilapidated hospital, which you can also return to its former glory.

“We hope [you] Enjoy your last trip with us! “Guerin says. The update for the game will be available for free download on December 13th.

How do you like Spiritfarer so far? Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments!

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