Spells & Secrets is a magical school game coming to Switch in 2023

If you love wizarding school stories but have been looking for a new one lately for some reason, then maybe divert your attention to Spells and Secretsan upcoming 3D adventure game set in a magical school for gifted young witches and wizards.

Spells & Secrets takes place in Greifenstein Castle, which you can explore as your own character (and with a friend in local co-op) to find new clues about the world and powerful artifacts that can improve your character. strength.

The game will enter early access on Steam this summer, and it will arrive on Switch sometime in 2023. you also can support the game on Kickstarter if you’re really interested in supporting the new fairy school fantasy tales!

Are spells and secrets similar to your magical fantasy? Let us know about it in the comments!

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