Sorry folks, Shovel Knight digging delayed until next year

We got to November, and now a lot of developers have to decide whether to release their game this year or postpone until 2022.

Just yesterday we saw how PlatinumGames made the difficult decision to postpone the release of their shooter, Sol cresta, and today Yacht Club Games and Nitrome announced that they are postponing the release Shovel knight dig

In a development update on the official Yacht Club website, a post explained that the team needed “a little more time” than originally anticipated and would now launch the game in 2022.

“With 2021 approaching, we wanted to provide an update regarding Shovel Knight Dig! Development is going great, but we need a little more time than originally anticipated! We look forward to diving into Dig with you in 2022! “

To compensate for this, the team introduced the Scrap Knight, which will also be featured in an upcoming release: Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon

“Collector in hand, the Scrap Metal Knight sorts worthy valuables for sale and stores really special items slung over his shoulder in an oversized bag. She has spent her final days sifting through the shifting rubbish heap known as the Magic Junkyard. deep underground. The Hexcavators find her useful because she can find almost anything, but the Scrap Knight has his own ideas. Hurry, rummaging through its mysterious junkyard, the danger lies in the confusion! “

Image: Yacht Club Games

How do you feel about this latest delay? Will you be playing Shovel Knight Dig when it eventually hits Nintendo Switch? Leave a comment below.

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