Sony threatens Dbrand with legal action over PS5 black plates

Dbrand black bezels

Image: Dbrand

You may not remember as February 2021 was actually 19 years ago, but Earlier this year, phone and console skin maker Dbrand released a set of black bezels for the PS5.… However, not content with just releasing them, the company also bizarrely lured Sony to court, and now Sony agrees.

A page from Dbranda's website who knew that day was coming

A page from Dbranda’s website who knew that day was coming
Image: Dbrand

As Facets reportDbrand’s “dark plates” were recently removed from the company’s store and all shopping links are now redirected to a page that lists only all news articles written about the plates. including the Gizmodo story above

Why pull them now? Since the company received a cease-and-desist letter from Sony, some of which speaks:

SIE has noticed that dbrand is promoting and selling console accessories in a way that our customers care about deeply. First, dbrand sells bezels for the PSS console (both standard and digital) that replicate the design of the SIE rugged product. Any faceplates that are in the shape of our client’s PSS product configuration or any similar configuration, and that are: manufactured and sold without SIE permission, infringes our client’s intellectual property rights to the distinctive design of the console.

Secondly, dbrand sells skins for SIE devices with the PlayStation Family Mark. Your company may not sell products that unauthorizedly display our customer’s PlayStation trademarks. The screenshot below from one of dbrand’s tutorial videos shows a dbrand skin with a design identical to that of the PlayStation family.

For his part, Dbrand replied with rambling corporate shit on redditthat begins with the words “like your hopes and dreams, the Dark Plates are dead” before eventually arriving at a real legal defense of their position, stating that the plates do not infringe any existing trademarks. Dbrand suspects Sony is actually moving towards shutting down the competition here before showing off its own replacement panels for the PS5.

Note that this is not the first company Sony has done this. CustomizeMyPlates have also been forced to stop selling their own colored interchangeable plates in 2020.although in their case they resumed sales earlier this year and have not been bothered since then, perhaps because their versions do not contain tiny logos that look a lot like real PlayStation icons.

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