Sony is reportedly leaning towards delaying Horizon Forbidden West until 2022.


Sony is said to be “leaning” towards pushing the 2021 PS5 flagship game, Horizon Forbidden West, to next year.

This is according to Games journalist Jeff Grubb, who said in his Giant Bomb Show on Thursday (paywall), which he learned from a source that Sony is likely to move the Guerrilla name to next year and could announce it live around September.

Sony previously warned that Horizon Forbidden West may not be released during this calendar year as planned, stating that it was not willing to compromise on the quality or health of its developers to release the game at a time when Triple-A game development has been hit by the pandemic.

UPDATE: Sony Interactive Entertainment has “decided and postponed” Horizon Forbidden West until next year, another report said.

Sony is reportedly leaning towards delaying Horizon Forbidden West until 2022.

Sony previously warned that Horizon Forbidden West could be delayed until 2022.THE ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: Asked if he had any information on Sony’s plans for the next State of Play live stream, GamesBeat’s Grubb on Thursday suggested holding the next presentation in September to compensate for Horizon’s potential delay.

“I heard, I’m not sure, but I heard that something will happen in September, and … I’m trying to discuss if I want to be the one to say it … I think“ this game ”will be postponed until 2022 “

He added: “I don’t know for sure, I think it’s still undecided, but I think 2022 is leaning towards Horizon Forbidden West.

“I think they’ll have a September state of play to say, ‘Here are other things we have in the fall, here are a bunch of exciting things, don’t worry,’ but then I think Horizon Forbidden West is waiting for 2022.”

Last month, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst featured on the PlayStation blog Questions and answers announcing the postponement of God of War PS5 to 2022, refused to rule out the possibility of transferring the Forbidden West to next year.

“So we currently have two very large storytelling games in development: Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War. And in both cases, they are overtly influenced by access to performance and talent information, ”he said.


“We think Horizon will be releasing soon this holiday season. But this is not entirely accurate yet and we are working hard to confirm it to you as soon as we can.

Sony is reportedly leaning towards delaying Horizon Forbidden West until 2022.

“And for God of War, the project started a little later. So we made the decision to move this game over to next year so that Santa Monica Studio can release the awesome God of War game that we all want to play.

“You have to give something with these things,” Hulst continued. “It’s not about the quality of our titles, and certainly not about the health or well-being of our great team.”

Horizon Forbidden West director Mathis de Jonge also told Game informer last month that “development is going according to plan,” but Guerrilla wasn’t ready for a release date yet.

“The thing is, these are just strange times that we are all in, and we never finalized or released the game under such circumstances, so we constantly calculate our schedules and see where we are and if there are any unforeseen things that can happen, ”he said.

“We just want to be very confident when we announce the release date that we’re really going to release, so we just need a little more time and then we can come back with a final release date.”

A significant number of high-profile games have been delayed this year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt production schedules.

In the first half of this year, the dates for Lord of the Rings Gollum, Gran Turismo 7, God of War’s Sequel, Gotham Knights, Hogwarts Legacy and many others have dropped.

Almost half of the developers faced delays in their game due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey published in April.

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