Sonic the Hedgehog returns to Macy’s parade almost 30 years after injuring two people

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Sonic the hedgehog Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade The balloon has a chaotic yet gripping history: it was the first video game character to be featured in the Macy’s Parade balloon, but it was also the most distant balloon in the history of the parade. And now he’s back.

He first appeared at the 1993 Thanksgiving Parade as a 64-foot balloon filled with helium and hope, but the high winds turned his debut into a disaster. In a turn that appeared to have been planned by Eggman himself, Sonic was hit in the eye by a lamppost, and falling debris injured a police officer on duty and a ten-year-old girl (with whom both were fine, don’t worry.).

Sonic at the parade 1993
Image: Channel 7 news

But they fixed Blue Blur and it reappeared in 1994 and 1995 – but the same thing happened in ’95 and Sonic was planted in a tree. Somehow SEGA didn’t learn from these disasters and Sonic reappeared in 1996 and 1997 and then retired, largely due to all the holes in his face.

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