Sonic Prime Concept Art gives a furtive look at the upcoming Netflix show


Cacadiavuli multiverse

Sonic’s big birthday may be this year, but SEGA plans to continue its push in 2022 with a new game and a cool animated series on Netflix. The show will be called Sonic Prime and it’s promised as a “high octane adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in [Sonic’s] gloved hands “.

Those eager to see what the series will bring seem to have been given a bit of a head start through some conceptual art. It has been shared – and has since been removed after being spotted by fans online – by the visual development / environmental artist. Patrick Horan, which gave the following information and art before taking the page.

These are concept pieces that I painted for the Netflix Sonic Prime Series. I was in charge of cleaning the patterns and color. Character position and concept provided.

Of course, the conceptual images may give a first impression but do not definitely provide the final details around the show; until it is transmitted we do not know how many of these concepts made the final cut.

Let us know what you think, and look forward to Sonic Prime next year.

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