Sonic Origins Gets Rated In South Korea, Key Art Discovered

Image: SEGA via GBAtemp

Update [Mon 18th Apr, 17:15 BST]: In order to match the Korean rankings of Sonic Origins, key art for the game has been revealed, fueling rumors that SEGA may share more details about its release very soon.

original story [Mon 18th Apr, 12:55 BST]

Sonic Origins was announced quite a while ago during the May 2021 Sonic Central stream. Since then, nothing has been mentioned about the upcoming collection, but it looks like it will arrive sooner than we think thanks to the recent rankings in South Korea. .

According to VGKthe Korean rating board classified the game as “all users” (no surprise), but the mere mention of the game is noteworthy as we haven’t seen a hidden or hairy part of it for almost a year at the time of writing. .

The game will be a collection of so-called “classic” Sonic games, including:

Unlike the “vanilla” emulations, the included games will presumably be brand new ports, allowing for 16:9 widescreen viewing and other quirky little things.

Hopefully we’ll hear more from SEGA about the upcoming game soon.

Will you pick up Sonic Origins when it finally comes out? How many times have you had classic Sonic games? Be honest and let us know!

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