Sonic Frontiers Unveils One Ok Rock’s Final Title Song ‘Vandalize’

We’ve heard some sounds from Sonic Frontiers, but what about the music? Sega has announced that the game’s ending theme song will be Vandalize, the newest song from rock band One Ok Rock.

This new Sonic song is described as a “collaboration” between Sega and One Ok Rock, reflecting the “expansive gaming environment” as well as what players can expect from Sonic Frontiers when it releases later this year.

Here’s what lead vocalist Taka had to say about the song:

“We have partnered with SEGA in Sound boundaries because we are connected to Sonic and how he conquered the world after he started his career in Japan. We are based in the US and have performed in Europe, Asia and South America, so we are thrilled to be able to work with the world famous Sonic.”

“This joint song, Vandalism, is very upbeat and has some Japanese melodies and also sounds like a ONE OK ROCK song. It also matches Sonic’s cool image and speed when he runs, so enjoy. Vandalism along with Sonic as he races through Sound boundaries“.

Image: 10969 INC.

If you want to listen to more than just a sample, One Ok Rock offers shared the full track through your YouTube channel.

Sonic’s new open-zone adventure is coming to Switch and several other platforms on November 8th. What do you think of this final song? Leave a comment below.

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