Sonic Frontiers director talks about ditching power-up mechanics in next game

Image: SEGA

According to Sega, Sonic Frontiers is a new stage for the blue spot – Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka previously mentioned that it was “the next step” for the long-running series. Game director Morio Kishimoto has also talked about the future of the series on numerous occasions.

Now, in his latest round of tweets, he has been discussing the boost mechanic introduced in Frontiers. Although it was eventually included, Kishimoto says he’s willing to release a Sonic game that doesn’t include the boost. And while he obviously understands the benefits of the boost feature, he’s not averse to challenging level design in the series, as he did in the Sonic Adventure series.

If you haven’t tried Sonic Frontiers yet, a demo can be downloaded from the Switch web store. This will give you an early game trial where you can try out the new mechanics and see how Sonic moves.

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