Someone made a GeoGuessr game for Elden Ring

Where are you, Stained?
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If you played ancient ring and are a fan of the hugely popular GeoGuessr game genre in which you are taken to Google Street View and need to determine your location, then you can thank Redditor u/TheEdenChild. Recently they announced the creation ancient ring-based take GeoGuessr which has over 8000 places you can guess from and is a lot of fun.

New game, which can be played for free in your browser, allows you to play both single and multiplayer on the full map or in more specific locations such as the Altus Plateau, Calydus, and Limgrave. At first I thought it was pretty simple, since my first two guesses were relatively close to their actual location on the map. Then, however, I fell into a misty ridge and had no idea where the hell it was in the game, and ended up dropping my pin a few leagues from the right place. Show that I’m trying hard to beat my record for the next half hour by quickly restarting the game after each move, trying to outdo myself.

This particular GeoGuessr deception (there are several others available on LostGamer.ioincluding for Skyrim, Fortniteand Genshin Impact) was created by capturing “hundreds of thousands of raw images before stitching them together to create 360-degree panoramas,” according to a Reddit user who worked on the project with another person. “We also created a semi-decent satellite map of the world,” they said, “so that you can make more accurate guesses (if you zoom in enough, you can see the animals). We also have custom settings, leaderboards and multiplayer support, and we plan to add more features in the future!”

Personally, in addition to trying to prove that I really have a good sense of direction, I really enjoyed going into a place and seeing what bizarre creatures were frozen in place there. The dragon on the bridge over Caelid has been the best so far.

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