Someone help a Witcher 3 fan who is being chased by a hammer

Screenshot: PaschalisG16

When most of us are experiencing a crash, we can alleviate our problems simply by reloading our game, or perhaps by playing around online for a solution. But PaschalisG16 already tried it and much more. No matter what it is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt the player does, however their Geralt walks around with a hovering hammer stuck between his legs.

He goes wherever Geralt goes. Cutscene? Hammer. Take down the monster? Hammer. This is how PaschalisG16 ended creating a reddit theme asking what the hell is going on and more importantly, can anyone lend a helping hand? You can probably guess what happened next: an endless array of dick jokes. Oh no. Perhaps the funniest thing about this is that, buried under dozens and dozens of replies such as “That’s the most powerful of all male hammers” and “Giggity”, is the OP again, to no avail, imploring people to stay on topic. .

“Does anyone really want to help? It’s not THAT funny,” wrote PaschalisG16 if you’ve scrolled down the page far enough to see it.

Speaking with Kotaku, PaschalisG16 admits that the oddly stubborn hammer isn’t all that important, but that “my OCD makes me hate it a little” so they want to get rid of it even though it doesn’t affect gameplay at all. Actually, PaschalisG16 went ahead and did things like rescuing Buttercup from soldiers in Novigrad with a hammer in tow. What makes this whole ordeal so fun is how ubiquitous the cursed hammer has proven to be. They started a new game. They reloaded a new save. The hammer will not disappear. Even worse, the responses show that other players have also suffered the same fate.

The problem isn’t new, it’s based on various internet threads over the years from confused players who, as the top picture suggests, always end up stripping Geralt naked in an attempt to remove the hammer. Reading the troubleshooting is pretty fun: yes, Geralt tried to meditate from the hammer. No, your suggestion will not work.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t play with him when I realized that [the hammer] was with me now forever, reads one stream almost four years ago. “It ruined the atmosphere of the game, they constantly followed me, I couldn’t take my eyes off [the hammer] almost all the time. I couldn’t forget it, I started to go crazy with this hammer, ”they said, obviously traumatized by all this.

While meditation in the game didn’t get rid of the pesky hammer, putting his teachings into action did it in a roundabout way.

“However, the time has come and I have calmed down,” said the 2019 hammer sufferer, before sharing a photo of the hammer, Geralt and Ciri sitting by the fire like a happy family. They resigned themselves to their fate and now shared something like a photo album dedicated to the hammer. “I managed to beat the game, one of the DLCS. Now this is my new bro, companion like Roach. I realized that it makes no sense to pay attention to him and continue to play as if nothing had happened. And it’s good that I was able to come to this, because the game is worth passing.

But seriously, if anyone knows how to fix this, you can click PaschalisG16 up?

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