Soapbox: is it possible to drop the phrase “lazy developers” already?

Hard work in difficult conditions.

There is one magic word that is constantly used in this hobby, a convenient term used to describe all digital diseases – lazy“How did this game get into the online store?” “Who wouldn’t take care of completing this puzzle / minigame / character face correctly?” How much extra effort would it take to add the X / Y / Z function?

A new release that is not much different from the last game in the series? Lazy Reusing resources that can be anything from handy 3D objects of common objects to pre-existing (and expensive) motion capture animations? Lazy… QA staff – those people who outwardly want to test games all day long – are another frequent target of this common anger, often accused of being lazy for somehow “missing” obvious bugs and others. problems disrupting the game. The point is that QA employees find these problems, raise them, and then someone else – another one. lazy The person, no doubt, decides what to turn to, given the cost, complexity and available time.

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