So which OLED switch did you buy?


Image: Nintendo Life

It looks like the Switch OLED has kicked off well in terms of sales, so many of you reading this should have picked up a new Nintendo console SKU in the last week or so. We’re fans of the great new display and various enhancements to the base design that give the consoles a slightly more premium look than the rugged standard switches we’ve been building for years.

Looking at Nintendo marketing materials, you might think there is only one option available – with a new white dock and Joy-Con, but there is also a version with good old neon red and blue Joy-Con and a black dock for Switch traditionalists and hobbyists. shades OG.


A quick survey of the NL office reveals that the neon red / blue option was less popular by a significant margin. In fact, only Darren – our impeccable COO – went to boring classical option. He has already removed the new controllers in the attic, presumably because the analog sticks on his taken pair of Skyward Sword Joy-Con are starting to play:

What Switch OLED did you pick up though? We’re guessing most of them will pick a brand new strain just for a change, but we’d like to back this up with some cold hard data from you. Feel free to let us know in the poll below, and perhaps Daz will feel a little less alone in his life choices.

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