Smash Ultimate Hosts An Explosive Tournament Ahead Of Sora’s Arrival Next Week

Image: @SmashBrosJP

Following Metroid dread Spiritual event in Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo announced a new tournament last week.

It is unclear at this stage how long the game will continue to run these weekly events, but for now – at least until Sora arrives, they are still ongoing. This latest event will run for a total of three days and will start this Friday.

Beware of the fire! The Blast Crate Tournament “will run for 3 days starting at 15.10 (Fri)! There will be a lot of blast crates spawning, so use them properly and take down your opponent! The more you win, the more luxurious spirits you get.”

Will you make the most of these events while you still can? Looking forward to seeing Smash come out with a bang? How about the arrival of Kingdom Hearts representative Sora? Leave a comment below.

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