Skyrim player perfectly recreates himself with a game face

Skyrim Face

The very first time I played Skyrim back in 2011, I rushed to create a character and made a guy who ended up looking like Matt Pikewho ruled. But the second time I spent age tried to include himself in the game and could not get close to her.

I took a picture of myself, asked my wife for help, and while I can easily blame my weird face – it’s 70% forehead – I’ll instead blame the limited tools available to me at the time.

Given my struggles, it’s incredible to see how far character creation has come in the decade since the game’s release. TThe photos you see on this blog are an example of what players can do now (with a little help, of course).

This is Aurelia Riddlea Skyrim a player who has achieved almost complete similarity in the game, as you can see in the picture above. The example you see here took her about two hours of work using mods that not only give you more sliders to customize, but also provide heads with a lot of polygons, and improvements to things like skin texture and eyes that make them more realistic.

In addition to creating her own character, Aurelia Riddle also did the same work for her father’s character, and the results were just as impressive:

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Given my own failure to recreate myself in the game, and the difficulty people have in doing so in general, whether Skyrim or NBA 2K or FIFAAurelia Riddle was kind enough to give some tips on how she does it that apply to just about any game that allows you to create your own face.

“Take two pictures of yourself,” she says, “one with your face in front and one on the side. You can also work with a mirror, but it was easier for me to take pictures. Try to look as neutral as possible, as if you were taking a passport photo.”

What follows is perhaps the most important tip: you will actually only be using half of your face. “For a front photo, you want to mirror it and figure out which side of your face you like best when mirrored. Since games can only have fully symmetrical faces, that’s really important.”

After that, print out the mirror image and fold it in half right in the middle of the face. This allows you to keep half of your face on the screen while you work on the other side in the game. And how do you know when you’re done?

“If you’re self-made and you get a pretty creepy feeling looking at the screen, you’re getting closer.”

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