Skater platforming gets futuristic in ‘Rooftop Renegade’ and moves to Switch next month

South Australian indie studio Melonhead Games’ debut game, Rooftop Renegade, looks like a mixture of OlliOlli World’s slick platforming and the art of roller skating (or “hoverblading” if we’re being picky). What’s more, publisher The IndiEXP has announced that the game will be coming to Switch on. February 17.

It’s true, it’s certainly a departure from the relaxed vibe of last year’s platform skaters – this time with a lot more guns and explosions – but it’s nice to see 2D skating (even if it’s rollerblading). ) through.

Rooftop Renegade will see you play as Svetlana as you navigate the rooftops of a futuristic city in an attempt to escape the clutches of the evil Globacorp. The visuals might look a bit mobile, but the quality of the gameplay will depend on how fluid those movements are – looking at the trailer above, it seems good in that regard.

To learn a little more about the upcoming skater and take some important screenshots, check out the following material from the publishers:

ROOFTOP Renegade is an action platformer all about speed and flow. Avoid capture through futuristic skyscrapers using the powerful abilities of your hoverblades.
Pass levels under constant bombardment, avoid dangerous dangers and make split-second decisions that make the difference between a new personal best or complete destruction.

Master precise controls and smooth physics to get into the zone. Blast through levels at high speed, combining abilities and making split-second decisions. Pursued by the sinister Globacorp, avoid capture while avoiding the dangers and traps caused by profitable gunnery fire.

Prepare to take on challenging levels solo, or grab multiple controllers to thwart your friends in chaotic offline multiplayer. Take turns in up to 3v1 asymmetric rounds to set the fastest time as a runner while your rivals get in your way, then take control of the shooter to defend your high score.

Create new tasks in seed-based generator mode. Enter a keyword to dynamically generate a level from a variety of worlds, layouts, hazards, and enemy combinations. Choose your perfect gear and dive into your new run to become a master.

Rooftop Renegade will slide on Switch online store next month for £15.79 / €17.59.

Are you ready for more skate platform games on Switch? Check out the comments and let us know!

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