Six Tips to Help You Become the Best Detective in Sherlock Holmes, Chapter One

Hello everyone,

My name is Sergey and I am the head of production at Frogwares, the studio behind Sherlock Holmes Chapter One… Today is a very important day for us, which we have been waiting for for ages. This is the day the first Sherlock Holmes chapter comes out and you can play it.

Now, before you begin your adventure of solving riddles, finding clues and exploring Cordona, check out our six tips to help you along your journey as a young and daring Sherlock Holmes.

1, Use a new disguise system

Thanks to this new mechanic that we introduced in our series, with the right clothes, you can get more valuable information to help solve your problem. You just need to remember one thing – people like to judge others by their first impression. If you look from the outside, they may not be so willing to share secrets with you. Look like someone they can trust and suddenly they will tell you more than you expected. The local bartender, a favorite among sailors, will be less inclined to give you additional information if you arrive dressed as a sailor rather than a gentleman in a fancy suit. So plan your outfit carefully before heading out to someone or anywhere. Local shops and market vendors are where you can get these outfits for any occasion.

2, The battle

If you’ve ever been ambushed, you can use more than just your wits to get out of a tricky situation. Remember, however, that you are a glass cannon, not a killing machine. So be smart when you go into battle. Use your environment to your advantage. And whatever you do, try not to kill people. Disarming the enemy will do the trick. If you end up killing too many enemies around you, it will start to affect your dear friend John, who dislikes people who lose their lives for no reason.

However, remember that if you are not a fan of gunfights and hand-to-hand combat, you can turn off combat in the game settings. After that, you can devote all of your time to the investigation. The progress or history of your game will not be affected in any way – you just don’t have to use your muscles. We leave this choice to you.

3. Try to comb the crime scene as thoroughly as possible

Sometimes the most important clues don’t appear on your plate. You may need to look around a little more carefully when spying so you don’t miss anything important. You may come across some important evidence that may justify some suspects, such as a letter found in a desk drawer, or you may find some other details that don’t add up to the person who claims he was not at the scene. Please be aware that in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, you can judge the wrong person, but there will be no game on the screen. You just need to learn to live with your consequences. And the people you condemn should also live with them.

4. It’s okay to feel stuck

Even the greatest detective of all time (yes, I’m talking about Sherlock Holmes) is stuck investigating. So you can get stuck too. A good way to find it is “aha!” A moment – take a look at the evidence you have and see if it can lead you somewhere. Perhaps you just need a little more information that is missing. Look for places that might give you missing information. Looking for the address of a specific person – maybe he is at the police station? Was there an incident that made headlines at the time? There may be some old news from the time in the archives of the local newspaper. Just look at the resources and services available to you. Visiting them may be exactly what you need to do.

5. Make sure you explore the island carefully

The island of Cordona is well worth exploring. Apart from the views, shops and people, there are also some interesting side quests that will only open to you if you meet them. Wherever you go, keep your eyes wide open. Listen to the chatter in the crowd, look at the posters on the walls. All of this could be the entrance to the rabbit hole of a new investigation.

Apart from side quests, you can also find specialized furniture vendors. You can use the products they sell to furnish your family home. In the end, there is nothing more enjoyable than returning the Holmes mansion to its former glory. And as I mentioned earlier, you can also buy clothes from merchants. So take care of your eyes and ears, open detective! You never know what to stumble upon!

6. The Palace of Mind is where you collect your thoughts

This is where you put everything together. All the evidence, all the evidence, and all the scripts. Take some time and spend it here. See all the opportunities and scenarios that open up to you. And if you see that your train of thought is disturbed, perhaps you can find the clue that is missing. This is where you shine the most.

Thank you so much for spending some time with me and I hope you find these tips helpful. Enjoy your adventure, detective. There are many mysteries in S that are waiting to be solved.Herlock Holmes Chapter One… And if you buy the game today, you also get the full game. Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment free of charge along with additional Sherlock Holmes Chapter One in-game content. This offer is only valid for a week, so check it out now before you skip it.

Good luck and we’ll talk to you as soon as possible.

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