Sir Trevor MacDonald to Become Master of Games at Revived Show

Image: E4

If you’re not British and of a certain age, GamesMaster might pass you by; it was a very funny TV show that no doubt helped shape the mainstream image of gaming in the UK.

In addition to the unusual challenges, sometimes energetic competition and a lot of humor, Sir Patrick Moore, who played The GamesMaster, became a memorable part of the show. He displayed tremendous willingness and a cheerful spirit, giving playful advice and witty remarks as producers gave his head ever more bizarre appearances.

As you’ve no doubt seen, he reboots at E4 where Robert Florence hosts alongside Frankie Ward and Ty Logan, and he has now confirmed the identity of his GamesMaster. This will be Sir Trevor MacDonald, a highly respected and award-winning journalist and news anchor. He has retired from the daily news broadcasts for several years, but his personality and status make him a pretty impressive choice for the role.

Let us know if you are looking forward to the new GamesMaster series.

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