Silent Hill fans are convinced that a new game will be announced

From April, a trailer for a game called Abandoned by Blue Box Studios was sent to the PlayStation channel. (The study later suggested it would come for PC and PS5, tweeting that, “The PC community will rejoice.”) It’s a vague trailer, suggesting a first-person shooter set in a ghostly rural area. There are woods, and a sign for “the city of God,” and a voice-over that speaks to a community led by “a religious nutjob”.

The Silent Hill community, desperate as ever to hear about a new game in the series, quickly became convinced that Abandoned was a rebirth of Silent Hills, the canceled project Hideo Kojima. The theory has a whole subreddit, The Blue Box Conspiracy. Among his proofs is the fact that Blue Box Studios tweeted “Abandoned = (First letter S, Last letter L)” and that the director of the study, Hasan Kahraman, has a surname that is Hideo translated into Turkish. This might seem like a stretch, but to be fair when Metal Gear Solid 5 was mocked it was announced as a project by “Moby Dick Studios” led by Joakim Mogren, with Joakim being an anagram of Kojima.

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