Showa American Story RPG Looks Like Anime Dead Rising

Every role-playing game needs Gurren Lagann drilling weapon.
GIF: NECKOM Entertainment

It’s not often that video game trailers blend in with my love of trashy B movies, anime references, and dizzying action movies, but this upcoming RPG could just as well take my feverish dreams and make them a reality. to life.

American History Show, Developed by Nekcom Entertainment, the Steam page describes it as a love letter to 80s pop culture that “has a strong B-Movies flavor.” While this description leaves a lot of room for interpretation, its official trailer was enough to dilate my pupils and put me on a path to hype about how silly-fun this game looks.

The story follows Choco Chigusa, described in the trailer as “a teenage girl miraculously raised from the dead on the path of truth and revenge.” The world in which she wakes up is a reinterpreted America, which turns out to be an unofficial colony of Japan. Cultural landmarks look familiar but different at the same time: the Hollywood sign now reads Neo Yokohama, dragon gates appear on long stretches of deserted highways, and chochin lanterns adorn the Golden Gate Bridge.

But this world is not just a fusion of American and Japanese cultures. The apparently mysterious incident caused this post-apocalyptic world to be overshadowed by zombies, monsters, and survivors of “different backgrounds and beliefs,” according to his Steam page, which is arguably more intimidating than the undead threat.

Choco has clearly found that the conditions of her new world are unpleasant because she is in some sort of Kill Bill-revenge quest in style. In the opening moments of the trailer, there is an invisible male voice that Choco refers to as his boss, who makes fun of her before faking the iconic Lucy Liu. Kill Bill the line that she is a girl playing with swords. At his haughty joke, Choco aims a shotgun at his crotch. “Let me scratch your itch, boss,” Choco says just before smashing his junk into pixelated shards. Good for her.

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The emotions I got from watching American History Show the trailer reminded me of the time when I played such a stylish A vivid memory is endless. But while I was disappointed BMI ‘lack of history, CAC there seems to be a semblance of one that fully embraces how wacky the premise is.

The mood of the trailer plunges into complete tonal dissonance as the game’s global incident is accompanied by DaijiMan Brothers’ upbeat song Ocrhestra “Sore ga daiji”. Shots of Choco lounging in her oversized, customizable van, riding a hoop and walking on stilts, are interspersed with her momentarily bypassing hordes of zombies and mowing them down with a variety of swanky weapons and swords.

Sparks fly from a drill that Choco has attached to her wrist as she is about to strike a horde of zombies in the desert.

Trust in Choco who believes in you!
Image: NECKOM Entertainment

Doubling even more how much this game looks like a living crack fanfiction, the trailer showcases some Nir Automatabullet-style boss fights and a huge companion crashing into the desert. Even zombies have some characteristics: some ride bicycles to start some kind of generator, and one swings a giant drill on his belt so that Fireplace from Gurren Lagann proud.

While the game is described as an addictive, fast-paced combat strategy game, what we see in the trailer is more like a bizarre, massive zombie-killing chaos. Rise of the Dead games than anything “strategic”. To be honest, I’m not crazy about the zombie shots shown in the trailer – something about that reticle seems a little too generous to me. Fortunately, the trailer has enough ridiculous anime references, and the combat exudes reasonably smooth, realistic scenes. Final Fantasy XV style, for me to want to give it a whirlwind. My only wish is that CAC ‘With the insane gameplay and storyline makes it either the best video game I’ve ever played when it eventually comes out on Playstation 4, PS5 and Steam, or the worst. Anything in between would be a disappointment.

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