Shmup duo ‘Bullet Soul’ gets short switch delay but still releases in fall

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Update [Wed 24th Aug, 2022 10:30 BST]: Bullet Soul and Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst are getting a slight delay on Switch, MAGES. announced Twitter.

This pair of shmaps will now be released in a few weeks worldwide on Switch on September 29th instead of September 9th in the west (and September 22nd in Japan).

But don’t worry! MAGI. meanwhile gave us a couple of new trailers to look at. We’re sure shmup fans can wait a few more weeks in what’s already a busy month for Switch games.

To learn more about both games, check out our original story below.

Original article [Fri 24th Jun, 2022 10:30 BST]: MAGI. announced that the shooting game duo from Tachyon Bullet Soul and Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst will release on Switch on September 9th worldwide, with Japan seeing the game a few weeks later on September 22nd.

This flashy shooter rewards your aggressive play and fast shooting. Featuring music by Kenji Ito of Romancing SaGa and Kohata Takahashi of Ridge Racer, unparalleled pyrotechnics and eccentric character designs from Monogatari Artist Akio Watanabe, you’re in for some hot shooting this year.

The games were originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2011 and 2014 in Japan respectively before making their way to the West via Steam in 2017. Both games will cost $19.99 each and will be available in the online store, and in Japan you will be able to pick up a physical double pack of both games.

Here’s a rundown of what to expect from these new re-releases from official website of the game:

Two games from the thrilling high-octane Bullet Soul series of defensive shooters are now available for digital download!

Control 4 characters with unique aircraft and fight intense battles to keep the peace in the galaxy.

The well-balanced system of this game will appeal to both beginners and experienced gamers.

Akio Watanabe (Representative: Bakemonogatari, L no Kisetsu, Missing Blue, When They Cry Go) is in charge of character design.

Ito Kenji (representative work: The Romance Saga series) is in charge of background music.

It features an amazing collection of artists such as Kouta Takahashi (representation work: “Ridge Racer” series).

Introducing brand new music for Switch! “2022 Version Arrangement” by RESONATOR and Noriyuki Kamikura (representation work: “Muramasa-Demonblade”, “Under the Knife 2”) will be set in the Nintendo Switch™ version.

You can watch trailers for both games from their Steam versions below.

Will you pick up one or both of the Bullet Soul series? Let us know about it in the comments!

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