Sega to share Sonic Frontiers news “soon”

One of the games we at Nintendo Life want to know more about is the upcoming Sega release. Sound boundaries.

Right now, we know that it will be released on Holiday 2022 and will be an “open zone” experience. The story is also reportedly written by Ian Flynn, head writer of the current IDW comic Sonic the Hedgehog.

Now, in new season of Sonic’s official livestreamSega of America social media manager Kathy Chrzanowski was asked when more would be revealed – teasing news about Sonic’s next major project is coming “soon”, or at least sometime this year:

“I see a lot of people asking about [Sonic] Frontiers, we don’t have news on Frontiers today, but don’t worry anytime soon. It’s still due out this holiday, so we’ll have news for you this year, don’t worry.”

As mentioned, it’s still getting ready for release over the 2022 holidays, so there’s no need to worry about any delays or anything like that. The game was also apparently due for release in 2021, but Sega wanted to improve the quality of the product.

It was also confirmed on the same livestream that there are currently no plans for a physical release. Sonic Originsbut Sega has been made aware of the demand for it.

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