SEGA nostalgic for Project Sonic ’22

Image: SEGA

Hope it’s a big year for Sonic – well it is is an big year with multiple games and next movie, let’s hope it’s also Okay year. SEGA aims to hype us for 2022 with their mascot and is launching “Project Sonic ’22” which is basically a “we do Sonic stuff and we want you to get excited” PR project.

There will be many games this year, including Sonic Frontiers for Switch and Sonic Origins (a collection of 16-bit and CD games). presumably fits the Nintendo system. The project’s logo refers to the world that was teased for Frontiers, and the text in the “Welcome to the next level” box is actually a throwback to 90s SEGA marketing.

Sonic next level 2
Image: SEGA

You can find this on the Japan Center website, including the image wallpaper download links above, Right here. Undoubtedly, soon we will have a similar site for other territories; for now, Sonic’s English site is still focused on last year’s 30th anniversary celebration.

Are you excited for another big year for Sonic? Let us know, as always, in the comments.

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