Sega NFT Trademark Discovered Despite Company’s Recent Doubts

Sega has registered the new Sega NFT trademark in Japan, even though the company appears to be undecided on its future plans.

Trademark seen VGK, was filed in December 2021 and published today by the Japan Patent Office. It includes an image that looks like a new logo for the Sega NFT business.

The company originally announced its intention to launch NFT content last April, but comments made at a recent management meeting showed that Sega is ready to drop its plans. At the meeting, it was stated that Sega “would like to try out various experiments, and we have already started a lot of different research and thinking”, but acknowledged the negative feedback from fans, saying that it may abandon the plans if they “be perceived as simple money making”.

It’s worth noting that the recently seen trademark was filed before these comments were made, and that the main takeaway from the Sega meeting was that “nothing has been decided.” As noted by VGC, the brand can therefore assume that Sega plans to continue with its plans for the time being, keeping an eye on further fan reactions.

In related news, acclaimed video game voice actor Troy Baker sparked controversy earlier today by collaborating with firm NFT and sharing a possibly misguided comment on social media. They won’t leave anytime soon, right?


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