Sega May Cancel Decision To Sell NFT Due To Fan Backlash

The company announced that Sega may abandon the sale of NFT and abandon its plans for Play-to-Earn schemes in response to fan feedback.

Back in April of last year, Sega announced that it had teamed up with game developer Double Jump.Tokyo with the intention of releasing NFT content related to the company’s classic and current IPs, as well as upcoming projects. The fan reaction to this news has been largely negative from the outset, as is the case with most NFT announcements in the gaming industry, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

In the recent management meetingSega’s top personalities noted that “nothing has been decided” regarding NFT and P2E content, acknowledging the “backlash” expressed by fans so far.

“As far as NFT is concerned, we would like to try various experiments and we have already started a lot of different research and reflection, but nothing has been decided on P2E at the moment. [Play-to-Earn]… There have already been many announcements about this, including abroad, but there are users who are still showing a negative reaction. “

They go on to explain the need to assess what will or will not be accepted by fans, stating that if the initiative is viewed as “just getting money,” the plans could be canceled.

“We need to carefully assess many things, such as how we can mitigate the negative elements, how much we can introduce this into Japanese regulation, what will be accepted and what will not be users. Then we’ll look at it further if it leads to our mission of “Constantly create, forever captivate,” but if this is perceived as just making money, I would like to make the decision not to continue. “

The wording may seem a little strange – which company not make money-making decisions? – but if the fears of the fans are really heard, it can only be good.

The news comes just days after Konami announced plans to hold a Castlevania NFT auction, as well as a somewhat controversial statement from the president of Square Enix regarding the current attitude of gamers towards the new trend.

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