Sega is “working to fix a lot of issues” in Sonic Origins

Image: SEGA

Sega’s compilation of Sonic Origins was released in June, and while it’s relatively good, there are some issues.

The community is asking for patches to fix certain issues and bugs here and there, and if you’re wondering what Sega’s plans are, the good news is that the team is currently working on a patch.

Sega of America social media manager Kathy Chzhanovsky told Sonic fans on twitter that in the future a patch will be released that solves many problems:

“Hey! Thank you for your patience! The team is listening and working on fixing a lot of issues right now. We’ll be sure to release some more official announcements once we have more information for everyone.”

Earlier this week, modder Sonic Origins announced that he would halt development on his project after venting his frustration online over game bugs and DRM. The Sonic Origins member also previously shared his thoughts on the state of the game.

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