Sega Announces Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack Coming This December (Japan)

Image: SEGA

Sega has announced that it will be releasing a 150-track physical soundtrack for Sonic Frontiers, including the game’s theme song “I’m Here”.

This six-CD collection titled “Stillness & Motion” will also come with a 40-page book (with commentary by the team) and will be available in Japan on December 7 for 8,000 yen. The official Sonic Channel website also apparently confirms that the worldwide release will take place “at the same time.”

This announcement followed Sega’s reveal of the main theme song, as well as the game’s ending theme song “Vandalize” by rock band One Ok Rock.

Interested in the official Sonic Frontiers soundtrack? What do you think of the music you have already heard? Leave a comment below.

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