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After the extraction of Russell Adler from Frank Woods, things didn’t go well for Perseus. CIA satellites are interfering with its transmissions, inhibiting its plan to monitor more than 100 million test subjects in Verdansk. But all is not lost, as Perseus launches his next major attack: it orbits itself and falls on those satellites, making its way back down Perseus’ path to sow discord in the world.

Season Four of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone will hit PlayStation on June 17th. Here are the highlights:

Two new weapons and Jackal lead the Fourth Season Battle Pass

The Season Four Battle Pass adds two free weapons to the mix: the MG 82 and the C58.

MG 82 (Tier 15) – Defeat your enemies with this LMG at high speed and high capacity.

C58 (Level 31) – Equipped with high power turns and reliable recoil control, this new assault rifle competes with the best.

Complete the Fourth Season Battle Pass to gain access to all 100 levels of content, including Jackal, the South African masked metal agent Perseus, instantly in Tier 0.

Learn more about PlayStation – Exclusive content for Black Ops Cold War

Face the Horde in Collateral and Rush

At the launch of Season Four, you fight off the dead under the desert sun while Collateral comes to the two-player Onslaught.

Later in the season, battle on Rush and fight at pulsating beat speeds in Limited Time Accelerated Mode. Complete the specific Onslaught challenge to unlock a Legendary LMG Weapon Blueprint.

The Fourth Season of Black Ops War Cold and Warzone lands on June 17th

Nine points of interest, Red Doors appear, and even more so in Warzone

Something went wrong in Verdansk, and the first step to finding out what is there in these crashed satellites. Interact with impactful Sat-Link sites throughout the city for rewards for powerful events and articles, and traverse the mysterious Red Gates if you’re ready to explore Verdansk like never before.

Survive the new Hijacked Gulag – a 1v1 version of the classic Multiplayer map – to regain your grip after being eliminated for the first time, and hop on the two-passenger Dirt Bike for evil boar turns and ability off -road.

Jump into the new Verdansk Resurgence Mini playlist at the launch of Season Four, with a faster-paced, nail-biting survival experience inspired by Rebirth Island Resurgence. In mid-season, try the new Payload playlist, where players escort or sabotage two caravans of vehicles moving through a series of checkpoints in the first goal-based game mode in Warzone.

Tips for Warzone:

1. Even if Sat-Links don’t appear on your Tac Map, keep an eye out for falling smoke that indicates a possible impact site. Interact with them to work toward permanent rewards for the Satellite Intercepts event, and to secure Killstreaks, vehicles, and Field Upgrades.

2. The Red Ports represent a new way to interact with locations in Warzone, allowing Operators to move quickly in Verdansk. They’re also not on the Tac Card, so be sure to ping one when you see it so your team knows where to go.

3. The Dirt Bike features unique handling properties such as roller traction, sliding, drifting and tilting, so feel free to jump in for all your off-roading needs.

New Multiplayer Maps, Modes, and Scorestreak

Collateral and Strike Collateral (12v12 and 6v6)

Battle near a CIA satellite crashed in the Algerian desert in Collateral and Collateral Strike. Built for Combined Weapons and traditional gameplay, this fast-paced card employs Operators in a North African village adjacent to a large oil drilling operation and surrounding dunes.

Amsterdam (2v2 and 3v3)

Fighting through rooftops in Amsterdam, a card based on the opening of Black Ops ’Cold War Campaign mission,“ Nothing to Run ”. Compete with random loadouts in Gunfight or craft your own in Face Off.

Dirottatu (6v6)

Featured in every Black Ops title since his Black Ops II debut, Hijacked takes players to the classic superyacht deep in international waters. Fight over all the bridges and under the bridge, too, in the boiler room of nearby neighborhoods … just watch out for the explosives coming through the vents from above.

Rush (6v6)

Weapon in the classic speedball arena, a remastered paintball-themed map first seen in Black Ops II. Featuring tight-knit indoor combat with long-range opportunities on the perimeter, Rush offers the ability to excel for gaming styles of all types.

Multi-Team Sat-Link, One in Camera, Capture the Flag

Turn on the Sat-Link marked on your card in a fight to reach the scoring limit against nine other teams in the new Sat-Link Multi-Team game mode. Also at launch are the classic free party game One in the Chamber, and later in the season, look out for Capture the Flag.

Blast Enemies with the Cannon Hand

Take aim with the devastating Hand Cannon, a new Scorestreak that comes equipped with eight rounds that deal major damage to any target they hit.

Content of New Zombies Outbreak and Surround Map

Welcome to the Zoo, the last Epidemic region found in the depths of the Ural Mountains. Complete new objectives and discover additional information that can reveal details about the next big challenge …

Arriving in the middle of the season, Mauer der Toten’s card introduces the next chapter in round-based Zombies. He survived the East Berlin terror ravaged by the war after a terrible zombie invasion that invaded the city.

Season Four arrives on June 17th

Season Four of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone launches on PlayStation on June 17th. See you there.

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