Season 5 kicks off with the latest Paladins update

From the beginning of time, the Kingdom was in danger. Whether it is catastrophic threats rivaling old calamities or the unbridled ambitions of evil people, fate has always plotted against the Kingdom. In spite of this injustice, an Outer Tribunal was formed, reinforced by their mission to pass judgment and restore order. But for true justice to prevail, the order needed more than pious judges – it needed an Executioner. Enter: VII. VII – the one whose past is written on the tombstones of the wicked. He is the collector of tithes earned by the blood of the guilty. He takes on missions that would break most people and delivers justice with ruthless force and deadly precision. VII, Right Hand of the Outer Tribunal, is the newest playable game. Paladins Champion!

VII is the newest flank champion to join the Paladins roster. His heavy submachine gun allows you to quickly switch between bursts, autos, and magazine drops, making him a deadly force as he easily adapts to enemy attacks.

VII also inspires fear with his other abilities, such as Explosive Dodge, which allows him to quickly dive in a specified direction, throwing an explosive trap in his path. VII’s Grappling Hook ability allows him to cling to walls and fall on his enemies unnoticed. Finally, VII’s ultimate ability is Decree 77, a lethal ability that allows him to target up to five enemies with his mask and deal devastating damage. When you’re on List VII, there’s nowhere to hide from his copper masked gaze.


In addition to VII, Paladins is getting exciting new updates, including an all-new game mode – Siege: Beyond! Similar to Siege: Core, players will play against opposing teams to capture and defend payloads to earn points. However, Siege: Beyond will include rotating gameplay features called “splits” that will allow players to experience classic Siege gameplay in new and exciting ways! Several rotating splits will debut throughout the year, with the first split of 2022 featuring a brand new item store. This new item shop will provide players with more unique item combinations to choose from than ever before, ensuring no two Siege Beyond matches are ever the same!


In addition to Siege: Beyond, the legendary Rambo is coming to Realm as a Prime Gaming exclusive in February! Live for nothing or die for something with this awesome new Victor skin available to all Xbox players if you link your Hi-Rez and Prime Gaming accounts!

This update also includes the brand new Void Hunter Academy Event Pass, the new Will.0 Ranked Reward Skin, new LTMs, and more! Hunt down your enemies as VII, slay demons with the Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass, or lock in and boot up as Rambo in the Season 5: Shattered update, now available in Paladins on all Xbox platforms! Download today.

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