SaveRedDeadOnline: Players Tired of Missing Rockstar Content


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Last major update for Red Dead Online was released in July 2021. The game hasn’t received any major content updates since then. Since the beginning of 2022 RDO Fans got tired of Rockstar’s lack of content and communication and collectively launched the #SaveRedDeadOnline campaign to … well, save Red Dead Online

Blood Money was the last major content update Red Dead Online received and it was all still on July 13, 2021. And calling it a major update is a bit generous, as Blood Money basically added a few new, but not entirely unique missions and new currency to the game. It was a nice update, but compared to the recent GTA Online updates, who contributed a lot of content and featured big names like Dr. Dreit is clear that one Rockstar game is loved more than another.

This, as you would expect, upset Red Dead Online players who feel like Rockstar is letting the game die despite its full potential must be something big and special.

All this boiled on January 6th.when Rockstar announced a boring month-long event in Red Dead Online this did not add any new content, but instead increased payouts for old missions and actions. This depressing event felt “too small and too long,” and in response, a large number of players started tweeting about their frustration and anger using Hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline

Now, days later, the hashtag continues to be popular on Twitter, with more and more players continuing to share stories of how much they enjoyed playing the game and how they now feel abandoned by Rockstar.

Of course, some have used the hashtag and Rockstar’s growing disaffection to lash out at developers and others on social media, nudging some RDO fans to fight back and remind players not to be offensive jerks to the people making the game or the players who still enjoy it.

While I understand that making games is difficult and has only gotten harder in the covid era, I also feel frustrated by these players.

I liked playing RDObut in the last few months I haven’t touched the game too much, because there is little that brings me back. Meanwhile, GTA Online goes on (even during covid) to receive massive and fantastic updates adding new features, missions, events, vehicles, music and more every five to six months. And unfortunately for amateurs RDOit just hasn’t been seen in online westerns in years.

For many, this is not even just a need for more content updates, but a call for more communication from the publisher and developer. RDO, GTA V, and more. Of course, Rockstar Games hasn’t responded to the campaign yet.

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