Save the World Together in Operation: Tango, Available Now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

“Go left!” No! Your other left! “

Trying to describe what you see to someone you can’t see for yourself has always been complicated. Operation: Tango puts this to the test in an asymmetric cooperative spy game from Clever Plays Studio, now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

In Operation: Tango, you and a partner play as one of the two characters, field agent Angel and pirate Alistair, trying to work together and save the world. With exotic locations, intricate puzzles, and the task of bringing a cybercriminal to their knees, couples are presented with a world close to the future where they must quickly learn how to communicate with each other or fail the mission at hand.

Whether it’s playing with a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger, Operation: Tango you can get closer together, even when you’re open. If you struggle with communication though, your skills and your relationship will be put to the test! Regardless of whether you choose Hacker or Agent, you will have an equal part to play to help you and your partner succeed. Balance is key in any asymmetrical world, and Operation: Tango ensures that both players feel like equal partners, not just a supportive character, with equally challenging tasks to complete.

Operation: Tango she also has many opportunities to have fun with your partner. Hidden messages, emotes, and even more keep your chances of having fun and laughing with, or with, your readily available partner.

Operation: Tango

The second step for your partner to succeed is paramount, and helping him achieve his work goals is just as important! Throughout the game, your communication needs continue to build as the puzzles evolve and become more difficult. Reading all the clues, asking what your partner needs, and keeping your goals in mind will all help ensure that you are an all-star agent or a supreme hacker. Once you’ve finished your missions, change and see what your partner was seeing! The gameplay experience is different for each character and random puzzles to create a new experience.

With complete cross game capabilities and a friendly pace, you can be sure to play Operation: Tango with whomever you want, but make sure you choose your partner wisely to save the world! Don’t you have a two player in mind? Join us on our Discord where we have matchmaking channels to join with another player! Please note, you will need to have Xbox Live and Internet access, as well as a work microphone, to play Operation: Tango.

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Operation: Tango

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NOTE: – This game is only in online co-op and requires a microphone. – Thanks to the Friend Pass, any friend can play with you for free. – Multi-platform enabled game Take two to save the world in this cooperative spy adventure. Pair with a friend as an Agent or Hacker — with only your voices to connect — and work together to bring a global high-tech threat to your knees. Game Features: CO-OP PUZZLE SOLVING – Combining skill sets from different points of view to overcome challenges focused on communication, not difficulty. These missions cannot be completed alone. EXCITING SPY – Investigate, hack and infiltrate while performing missions around the globe. Live your latest “Hollywood” spy fantasy! HI-TECH INSTRUMENTS – Experience the visual splendor and technological advancements of a hyperconnected world built around augmented reality. FRIENDLY BANTER – Constant communication makes the moments sincere and fun. It’s about sharing your voice. Multiplayer Options: FRIEND PASS – If you own Operation: Tango, any of your friends can play with you for free. All you have to do is download Operation: Tango Friend Pass on your platform of choice. It takes two to save the world, but it only takes one to pay for it. CROSS-PLATFORM GAME – Operation: Tango can be played with a person who is not playing on the same platform as you. Practical, right?

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