Saucy Rail Shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace Arrives On Switch In March 2022

We’ve already seen quite a few Gal Gun games hit the Nintendo Switch and the next release will be Gal Gan: Double World

This particular game from the rail shooter and dating simulator series first debuted on PS4, PS Vita and PC in 2015/16. The Switch will be released on March 17 next year for $ 44.99. A physical copy will also be available.

The Nintendo release will be a porting of existing versions with multi-language support and a new introductory video. Most of the DLC costumes that were available for older versions will also be included, and another bonus will be “extra items” for players who have Gal Gun 2 and Gal Gun Returns save data.

Here’s some additional information from the trailer preview:

The plot of the Gal * Gun series is centered around the main character, who becomes super popular under confusing circumstances, forcing him to fend off crowds of girls who want to confess their love to him! Using his special pheromone shot, he must aim and shoot at the approaching women so that they go into a state of euphoria! Meanwhile, he must confess his love to one of the beautiful heroines in this part-shooting, part-dating simulator!

Gal * Gun Double Peace, the second game in the series, has this unique combination of gameplay – and more! Some of the girls you come across have been possessed by nasty demons, but if you play your cards right, you can send the girls into euphoria with a special “double peace” pose! The action scenes with the game’s heroines are also more … “intense” than ever!

The Nintendo Switch version of the game contains almost every DLC outfit released for other platforms, plus a brand new intro video! Maybe even a special treat for owners of other Gal * Gun games ?! With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why this is the definitive edition!

Will you add this game to your Nintendo Switch collection? Tell us below.

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